Why is it possible to celebrate Christmas twice during the season in Ukraine?

Католицьке Різдво на Закарпатті

To avoid any confusion about what date is suitable for Christmas celebration in Ukraine – we tell you – two dates are good to travel for the great winter holidays and local Christmas traditions – the 25th of December and the 7th of January. Here`s why.

Simply saying, on the 25th of December Rome Catholic and some Protestant churches celebrate Christmas (according to the Gregorian calendar). On the 7th of January the Orthodox, Greek Catholic and some Protestant churches celebrate Christmas (following the Julian calendar).

To unite Ukrainian society and honor the traditions of the whole Christian community of Ukraine we have two official (government) holidays, in December and January. Of course, the hospitality industry works well in both holidays welcoming tourists during winter holidays.

From our side we are prepared for both Christmas celebrations and you can choose what time is better for you! They won’t be the same, but in any case, you will experience and enjoy the Ukrainian Christmas. Be ready to travel, to taste, to sing and perform, to discover, and to be surprised many times. We are waiting for you!

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