Sinevyr lake, Kolochava and Borzhava mounting

Sinevyr lake, Kolochava and Borzhava mounting
675 UAH / 2 days
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We offer you good resting two-day tour to the Carpathians.

Program: Whisper waterfall, lake Synevyr and mountains !

We made up a program for you! In this tour you will have plenty of time to see the Ukrainian Carpathians, leisurely stroll and take lots of beautiful photos!

WARNING! We start in Lviv!


Day 1: Lviv-Pylypec: Whisper Falls, сhair lift to  mount Hymba, walk through the meadow

Day 2: tour to Kolochava – Synevyr – Lviv

1 day

7-30 we start to wait for you!

8-00 departure from the Lviv city railway station (exit the station turn right, parking for buses)

11-00 Volovets Pass (875 m. Above sea level). We stop on the pass, admire the scenery, make beautiful photos to everyone.

12-00 visit Pylypets, walk to the waterfall. One of the most beautiful waterfall in the Carpathian Mountains that comes with numerous cascades down from a height of 16 meters. Waterfall on the northern slopes of the mountain massif Borzhava at the foot of Mount Hymba; natural monument of national importance, one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine.  At the waterfall for lunch, it serves a delicious mushroom soup, barbecue, vegetables on the grill

15-00 cair lifting to mount Hymba. Walk Borzhavska mountain valley – the longest mountainous backbone of Ukraine. Here you open the extraordinary landscapes of which is breathtaking! This is best seen mountains Cook Borzhava, peak, High Top, Magura, capitals boobs.

19-00 dinner. The settlement of the estate of green tourism, Pylypets


Day 2

8-00 breakfast

9-30 visit  the village. Kolochava is  a unique village in the Carpathian region, situated in a picturesque valley Tereblya. Kolochava is not just the village, there are up ten museums, so you have the opportunity to obtain and aesthetic pleasure of staying in this really charming Ukrainian village. You will see Skansen “Old Village” Austrian narrow gauge railway and a lot of interesting things.

13-00 Synevyrska lunch in the meadow in the cozy restaurant.

13-30 walk to lake Synevir. Of course, one of the most beautiful places in our country. The largest lake Ukrainian Carpathians. Included in the National Park “Synevir”, one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine. It is the most interesting subject of the National Park “Synevir” and is one of the visit cards Ukrainian Carpathians. It is located 989 meters above sea level, has an average area of 4.5 hectares and its average depth is 8.10 m, maximum – 24 m. You will have an opportunity to hear a lot of interesting information about Synevyr, Carpathians and romantic legends associated with the lake .

16-00 Do You know that unic European rehabilitation center for brown bears is situated in Ukraine? Aviary brown bears rehabilitation center located on a plot of 12 hectares of forest. The upper part was built 6 cells and 2 groups for maintenance groups and single animals of different age and health, which are pools and dens. The whole area fenced mains. The purpose of the center – brown bear rehabilitation of individuals who have experienced abuse, victims of natural disasters, keeping confiscated animals play their natural populations so on.

22-00 return to Lviv

Cost: 675 UAH

The price includes: transportation, excursions, accommodation

Additional payments:

tickets: National Park “Synevir” overall – 12 UAH., students and students – 3 UAH.; Waterfall Whisper total – 10 UAH. Children under 10 y.o. – Free; Kolochava general, pensioners, students – 30 UAH., Schoolchildren – 10 UAH; chair-lift to the mountain Hymba: total – 70 UAH. in both directions, children under 10 years – 50 UAH .; brown bear rehabilitation center total 12 UAH. Children 3 UAH.
meals (lunch and dinner 50 -60 UAH)