May holidays 2017 in Transcarpathia

May holidays 2017 in Transcarpathia
1695 UAH / 3 days/2 nights
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What could be better than a May holidays trip to the Transcarpathia? You will see: Lake Synevir, Shipot waterfall, Carpathian beauty, you also will relax in thermal pools, wine tasting Transcarpathian wines and cheeses, customs and hospitality of the Transcarpathian Hungarians, delicious cuisine and the main dish of the region – cauldron!

Day 1
08.00 departure from the Lviv train station.

12.00 first stop is The hunting palace of the Counts Schonborn (sanatorium “Carpathians” village Chynadiyevo). The palace was built in the trend while the astronomical style: it is 365 windows (366 immured in the case of leap-year, as the days in a year), 52 rooms (both weeks of the year), 12 inputs (months of the calendar year) and 4 towers (the seasons ). On the territory of the lake dug in the exact contours of the Austro-Hungarian map. The park runs rejuvenating power of water with a high content of glycerin, which is popularly called the “fountain of youth”. There is a market and a souvenir.
14.00 Lunch in the hotel-restaurant complex “Red Mountain”, Mukachevo.
16.00 bathing in thermal pools complex “Skylark” Beregovo. There are several pools. Among them: indoor (temperature 34 C), jacuzzi + 41-42. Two swimming pools outdoor.
19.00 wine tasting takes place in a cellar carved into the volcanic rock Beregovsky lowlands. In turn will be offered Kabarne savinyon, merlot, leanka, mushkotal, red devil, Rose of Transcarpathia, Cahors, kuve “treasures Muzhiyevo” bull’s blood, sort of wine and strawberry cheese with herbs: parsley, pepper, smoked and unsmoked Paranitsya, ricotta.
20.30 settlement in Hungarian green tourism estates, dinner.
Manor is a one-storey house with separate rooms and all the necessary amenities. The owners of these houses – Hungarians make up 80% of the local population Beregovo district. Breakfasts and dinners are served with traditional local cuisine and alcohol: homemade wine and palinka (moonshine fruit of strawberries, peaches, blueberries or grapes). There is an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the Hungarian customs and learn some Hungarian words.

Day 2
07.30 breakfast
9:00 “Palanok” Mukachevo castle  review. The castle is surrounded by 14 defense lines. At the top of the well depth of 76 meters, the monument Podolsky Prince Fedor Koryatovicha that deceived the unclean and the romantic and heroic story of Ilona Zrinyi
13.00 Lunch at the restaurant of humor and satire m. Uzhgorod “Detsa in Notarya.”
14.30 Uzhgorod Castle, sightseeing tour of the city, free time.

19.30 Hungarian dinner with entertainment, dancing, introduction to Hungarian culture of the region. As part of the meal: the presentation of Hungarian culture of the region; delicious cauldron goulash with Hungarian stuffed cabbage; white, red wine; palinka; performances of the Hungarian national teams of incendiary dance czardas; contemporary music (Ukrainian, English, Hungarian songs.) disco

Day 3
07.30 breakfast
9.40 excursion to the Valley of daffodils Kireshi tract. Daffodils – alpine plants. And to see the flower valley Carpathian, it is not necessary to climb into the mountains. It is located in an accessible location, at an altitude of only 200 meters above sea level.

13.30 dinner in the restaurant Koliba – a place where shepherds gathered on the night when sheep grazed in the mountains.
14.30 Lake Synevir Lake Synevir is one of the stars of Ukrainian Carpathians. It is located 989 meters above sea level, has an average area of 4.5 hectares and its average depth is 8.10 m, maximum – 24 m.
17.30 Waterfall “Whisper” with. Pylypets. The waterfall starts with the longest mountain range in Ukraine – Borzhava. The height of drop of water – 15 meters.
22.30 arrival to the Lviv city
Tour price: 1695 UAH / Person
The price includes:
– Tour and transport support throughout the route;
– Accommodation in the estate of green tourism 2-, 3- bed rooms 2 nights;
– 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners;
– cultual dinner;
– Entrance fees to sightseeing facilities.
Not included:
– Thermal pool in the Coast:: total 150 UAH., 130 UAH. – Age pensioners on presentation of the certificate (women-men-57r .; ’60), children grow up to 120 cm. – Free from 120-150 cm. – 70 UAH.;
– Wine tasting kabarne savinyon, merlot, leanka, mushkotal, red devil, rose Transcarpathia Cahors kuvye “treasures Muzhievo” scourge blood, sort of strawberry wine and cheese with herbs: parsley, pepper, and smoked paranytsya nekopchena, Rikota 60 UAH. \ Person and 30 UAH. / Person without wine consumption;
– Lunch (additional options will be sent along with an information sheet about the trip).