Christmas carols in the Carpathians

Christmas carols in the Carpathians
2200 UAH / 4 days/3 nights
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Welcome to a colorful tour of Ukrainian traditions “Christmas carols in the Carpathians”!

Every year we try to feel the Christmas spirit, look and learn traditions.

1 day. 06.01

7-00 boarding a bus

9-00 Kamyanka waterfall. Breakfast

12-00 accomodation in “Trostyan Burger”, which is located in the village Slavs’ke. In Slavsko are several ski trails.

14-00 Introduction to the area. There are rental items in which you can rent ski sets, snowboards, clothing and necessary accessories – glasses, ski masks and more. Visitors are offered instructor, working bulb is parking. Skiing, sled lift to lift. There you can see the full top reserve “Skole Beskydy” mountain head, key mountain, Mount Zakhar Berkut peak.

19-00 The Christmas dinner with 12 dishes. The study carols. Costumed staging den, start carols.

Day 2 7.01

9-00 Breakfast

9-30 visit church

10.30 Free Time (skiing, walking, etc.)

14-30 moving to the village crest. Participation in the cave. Caroling. Hike through the village, meeting with gang carolers. Walk to a mountain river, visiting natural springs type “NAFTA” and radon source.

17-00 festive Christmas dinner

19-00 in cooking vats. We propose to get warm body and soul in the bath. For those who want to try something new offer to visit SPApo Hutsul – Herbal vats.


Day 3 8.01

8-00 Breakfast. Carpathian tram and rocks Dovbush.

During the tour you will see: the beauty of Ukrainian Carpathians from rocks to mountains, from streams to year, the miraculous icon of the Mother of God

Learn: how nature helped Dovbusha and where he hid his treasures, which the Austrians needed a narrow-gauge railway in the Carpathians

Try to swim in the icy mountain river !, Carpathian delicious meal, walk over suspension bridges, natural springs

10-00 tour to the complex rock Dovbush. The geological nature monument “Dovbush” lies at an altitude of 668 meters above sea level. This rocky sandstone performances up to 80 m, which formed over 70 million years ago at the bottom of the Paleogene sea. Stone maze width of 200 m stretches of fir-spruce forests from east to west nearly 1 km.

14-00 Hoshivskyy monastery is considered one of the greatest religious and historical – architectural relics of Western Ukraine. It is annually visited by several million pilgrims from across Europe. Locals tell many stories of healing people for centuries. By the end of the eighteenth century in the “Chronicle Monastery” had more than 100 entries of miraculous healing through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin.

15- 00 excursion to the Carpathian tram. Built in the XIX century narrow-gauge railway. The route runs past the famous mountain Tserkovyschem, swamp -zapovidnyka Shirkovets. The first stop on the water “Goryanka” in the village of New Mizun. Next Carpathian tram drives in Oak angle to maneuver back to Mizunska waterfall. After a brief stop, the route goes past the source “Dzyurkach” the sanatorium “Carpathians Source” where once were the rehabilitation of astronauts. Here, tourists can visit the suspension bridge over the river Mizunka, buy souvenirs with the symbols “Carpathian tram” and eat. Then the tram goes to town. Benefits.

Day 4 9.01

Breakfast 9-00.

12 00 Tour “Sacral Lviv.”

Advent time felt everywhere, especially in Lviv, a city where the highest concentration of churches. Churches of various denominations: Orthodox, Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic, Armenian, but the Christmas spirit unites them in a common prayer. This number dens you’ve ever seen in my life! Some even real live sheep! Lviv Nativity distinguished by their originality and imagination! During the tour you will see the oldest, most famous and most diverse city churches that set your heart on Christmas light that you can bring home.

Free time. Visit the Christmas Fair in Lviv

16-00 boarding the train.

Tour price: 2200 UAH.

The price includes accommodation at the recreation 3 nights, 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners, sightseeing and transport support along the route

Children under 5 years without extra bed stay for free

Additional charges: cooking in vats 70 UAH / hour (minimum order 2 hours) lifts and ski equipment rental, instructor services, incoming quits on Carpathian tram dinners. Own costs.

Reviews about this tour

Олександра (Миколаїв)
Доброго дня. Хочемо подякувати команді tour-u за чудовий відпочинок в Карпатах на Різдво. Нам сподобалось усе, особливо атмосфера проникнення в тадиційне святкування Різдва: з колядками, вертепом, смачною іжею і, звісно ж, спілкування з людьми. Особлива подяка пані Юліі і пану Віктору, наша мала брала участь у вертепі, купа вражень на цілий рік. Пані Юлія надзвичайно цікаво і колоритно проводила єкскурсіі, душевно і уважно ставилася до кожного гостя. Дякуємо готелю Бюргер Тростян за смачні сніданки та вечері, доглянуту територію і просто гарне відношення. В цьому році плануємо тур на Різдво з друзями, бажано на більшу кількість днів. Невеличке зауваження, в описі тура чани 100грн, в реалі 150. Але вони того варті)) Ще раз дякуємо за гарні враження і спогади.
Алена (Запорожье)
Тур очень понравился , очень интересный, узнали много нового ) все остались довольны даже дети. Все было супер очень экскурсоводы понравились , Виктория и Викторы просто обалденные. Единственное по питанию было не организовано, ждали по 40 мин пока принесут еду, одна девочка обслуживала всю базу
Оксана (Днепр)
С П А С И Б О за эмоции, за впечатления, за интересные истории, подкреплённые историческими фактами, личным жизненным опытом, за возможность прикоснуться к традициям, взять участие в вертепе, за замечательные колядки, за маленькие приятные подарки, за советы и подсказки. Отдельное спасибо передайте водителю пану Степану, проделав огромный путь под снегопадом, вечером, при -20, по скользкой дороге, всегда вовремя подан тёплый автобус, без проблемных ситуаций на дороге. Виктор - вы, как всегда, на высоте! Вас хочется слушать, с вами хочется общаться, к вам хочется вернуться вновь. Виктория, спасибо за организацию и выполнение наших пожеланий. Ждите нас летом)
Анна (Запорожье)
Провели Рождество в Карпатах. Незабываемая поездка, много положительных эмоций. Огромное спасибо руководителю группы - Виктору!