The XVII International Economic Forum in Lviv, Ukraine.

The XVII International Economic Forum in Lviv, Ukraine.
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On November the 2nd, 2018 Tour-U participated in the XVII International Economic Forum, Lviv Region Tourism Marketplace.

It was a wonderful time to meet colleagues and make business contacts for future partnerships. Lots of motivated speakers presented their vision for hospitality globally and in Ukraine.

Beka Jakeli, Senior Officer of the Regional Programme for Europe (UNWTO) said that 1 of 10 jobs globally is provided by the Hospitality sector. And the influence of the tourism field on economic factors will be growing. The number of travelers will increase from 1.3 to 1.8 billion by 2030 year.

He thinks that Ukraine has great potential to be one of the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe in the nearest future. As this country has great assets for tourism development – people, gastronomy and culture.

Tourism is all about experience and emotion, not just a product. Ukrainians can create that in the best way.

Mykola Velychkovych, member of Parliament of Ukraine spoke about coming changes in the tourism of Ukraine. He mentioned pros and cons, and that the government needs to regulate many things in tourism. Right now, an outgoing tourism prevails, but he is calling the Parliament to put all the efforts and financing for growing the incoming and internal tourism.

Igor Torskyy was talking about changes in the visa issuing process. To get a visa to our country became much easier as lots of visa centers opened in the world and now to get an electronic visa to enter Ukraine as a visitor (only for those countries that need) is very easy.

Citizens of Ukraine can travel to 86 countries without a visa now.

Ukrainians like to travel and very hospitable at home, in this beautiful developing country.

If you never have been here – Welcome!

If you are coming back soon – Welcome, Welcome!


Tour-U team

November 2, 2018

Lviv, Ukraine