Romantic quest

Romantic quest
200 UAH / 3 hours
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It should be somewhat similar to understand each other, but a little different to love each other.


You are still scratching their heads over how to spend the day original LOVERS his second half? Then you to us.

We invite you to participate in entertaining romantic quest that is dedicated to love and all that is connected with this amazing feeling. This will test erudition, intelligence and ability to compete in a couple where you will learn how many sane and intelligent, the best friend and your great particle-half …

In Love couples who will express desire to participate in the entertainment romantic quest will be asked to perform certain tasks, play intellectual games, sports to pass the test and solve logic puzzles, which are confined to Valentine’s Day and many more interesting things. And the main goal – the first prize and get a lot of pleasure. HARD? TERRIBLE? And a little NO !!! Then just GOOOO!!!

Terms quest:

1. To participate in the quest of their half, you need to book a quest by 13 February. Seats of participants is limited, so hurry.

2. Members of the quest must follow rules, traffic regulations, rules of conduct in public places. In case of violation coordinator may withdraw the team from the game.

3. At the beginning of the game are maps indicating the zone quests stations, where participants are waiting for agents to tasks.

4. In order to team won, you must first go through all the stations, to perform all the tasks agents and as quickly as possible to get to the finish.

5. Objectives of the agent or coordinator quest team gets only when all its members are present at the point!

6. If a team does not answer or responds incorrectly, it has a chance to “buy” prompt by doing a creative task: to come up and draw with chalk on the pavement Quest logo; Share a favorite poem or passage (every participant!), think of – 1 sentence each participant – a fantastic story, and so on. p.

7. Who will pass all the way and reach the final, he will get a lot of positive feelings and check! A quest winners will receive valuable prizes and rewards.

Cost romantic, entertaining quest UAH 200 pairs of lovers!

Reviews about this tour

Олександр (Київ)
Відвідали Львів з друзями (3 пари)15-16.02.14 Замовили сіті кіест у цієї компанії до дня закоханих. Квест був дуже цікавим та веселим. Не пам*ятаю коли так весело гасав по місту. Видно що організатори старалися. Не пам*ятаю скільки точно коштувала організація (150-200 гр.), але можу сказати що воно того варте. Я і всі мою друзі отримали велике задоволення. До речі, квартира, яку ми зняли через цю компанію біла також гарною і дуже близько до площі Ринок. Коли наступного разу поїду до Львова також скористаюся їх послугами.
Євген (Київ)
Хочу сказати величезне дякую за чудовий квест, який Ви організували для нас до дня закоханих! Нестандартно, весело, цікаво, позитивно! Буду рекомендувати Вас всім, хто хоче класно провести час у Львові!