Romantic Lviv

Romantic Lviv
40 Euro / 3 hours
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Lviv is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. We offer you to immerse into the spirit of the historical novels, to the times of era when love was running, when happiness was sneaking through narrow streets. Back to the times when the brave D’Artagnan from the three Musketeers was busy with his battles. To the times when charming Lviv ladies were twisting the heads of Polish kings. We will take you to the mysterious courtyards where lots of incredible love stories happened, where your heart opens to the most charming and brave dreams, and light melodies of street music are getting mixed with the sweet-tart flavor of coffee and chocolate. We invite you and your partner for a romantic trip to Lviv. We invite you to collect happy moments in this city of happiness.

The excursion will be according to the route:

High Castle,  Bandinelli Palace, the bench of lovers, Atlas Restaurant, Italian Courtyard (the Pillar of Shame, the Lion of Lorensovich, the Cyril Bell), Lviv Coffee Mine, Russian Cathedral Ensemble, Lviv Chocolate Workshop, the Sculpture of Neptune, antique cafe Comunna, the city hall, restaurant Kryivka, the most expensive restaurant in Galicia – Masons, Lviv Cathedral, chapel of Boimiv, the place for kisses, the balcony of lovers, Andreoll passage, Jesuit Church, craft brewery Pravda, the horse-riding place, the Potocki Palace.


During the tour, you will find out… Why Lviv earl did not invite the Neapolitan queen to dance? How is it possible to reach the sky from the café (Lviv version of stairway to heaven)? How many options of designer clothes for the world’s only monument of Smile? How one Lviv girl made the Polish king fall in love with her? What is the story of Lviv Romeo and Juliet? About the vows of Jan Kazimier, which he couldn`t keep. What entertainment Giacomo Casanova found in the city? Who was D’Arnot earl? How the shufflers and poor men married the wealthy Lviv ladies? Why the lovers Sofia and Ivashka were executed? About the story of Stanislav Levytsky and Yanina Shenderovich great love. What time is best for making weddings according to Lviv traditions? …and much more.


Great for couples!

Applicable for group requests as well!

Walking tour – 3 hours.

Cost 40 Euro