Tour-U – is a travel agency was created by professional historians, guides, experts on domestic tourism. We love to every corner of Ukraine.

Attention! We do not have standard tours, where youcan sleep because monotony and the number of historical fact! All our tours are author and are built on the principles: Come! See it! Try it! Feel it!

Our City – tours in Lviv and  tours in Western Ukraine are fascinating journey – mix of architecture, history, gastronomy, ethnography, traditions, legends and humor.

Great emphasis in tourism field we do on the younger generation. In medieval castles walls instead of the usual excursion we organize show, workshops and quests. We give a new breath in school tourism .

Our services:

  • Educational projects, workshops, camps, quests
  • Free tours
  • City Lviv Tours
  • Corporate
  • Development of maps and guides
  • Author Lviv city-tour

The team of professional historians and travelers who are in love with his work, captured the beauty and diversity over Ukraine will be glad to help you discover this wonderful country!