Hidden Luxury…

Tours to Ukraine

Today we escape to an old and hospitable “village” – museum Shevchenkivskyi Hai, just 15 minutes from the downtown of Lviv. We will walk through the park and many houses. Especially in the Fall this place looks very Ukrainian😊 wearing all the bright colors. This ethnic park is worth to see for a few reasons. There are more than 100 historical buildings surrounded by beautiful trees we can enjoy, walking quiet paths and breathing fresh air. Not to mention, we can enter different houses and be surprised by unique workshops.

But now we are on the way to one of the furthest houses in the park, “home” of Ivan & Ivanka, a fantastic couple who are happy to treat you with the most delicious food and drinks from Western Ukraine. They arranging a professional tasting dinner and at the same time setting such a cozy atmosphere of an old Ukrainian home. This tasting is great for food lovers and for food experts as they offer you only high-quality products and unique snacks that can’t be found in the mass market.

We try here snacks with black cumin oil, birch sap-based compote, 6 types of salami; mature goat, sheep and cow cheeses. Also, they offer you the most expensive Ukrainian cheese – Carpathian Narcissus (Daffodil). Of course, all of this with good wines, Carpathian honey (from unique bees, they will tell you why), nalyvky (alcohol infusions) and wild fruit juices.

Ivan and Ivanka are so humble and hospitable hosts. Ivan “season” all the treats with great stories about the traditions and development of our ecologically clean farm industry. And of course, it is a luxury to taste some cheese made with the yeast that has been passed from cheesemaker to cheesemaker already approximately 2,000 years.

Next time you are going with us! To bring friends and family, or a crowd of colleagues is a must! As you will remember this tasting hospitable dinner for a long time!


*Supported by Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL).