Gourmet tour Lviv

Gourmet tour Lviv
400 UAH / 3 hours
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We offer you to get know Lviv without logic and patterns. This city tour intriguing play with their time and seasons. Weare making mix with history, tradition, gastronomy and Lviv humor.
We are not inventing the wheel – we have combined the soul of Ukraine, elegance Paris and London rain with centuries-old dreams of different nations that gave us the magnificent city of dreams and desires.
And most importantly – You can not understand Lviv  – You should feel it.
Step 1: Picture 1 Beer traditions.
Friends! Beer brewed in Ukraine not from 1715. Soon Lviv beer recipes will be 600 years old.
Go to the refined atmosphere of the restaurant “Stargorod” with a slight flavor of beer. Even on the street we were met grill, where preparing whole large pig. Sit down at the table. A moment on the table masterpiece golden where bubbles dancing in drunken climb to the top of the glass. A few sips and we begin to feel perfect taste. Glasses are arranged in a certain order – ten, lager, wheat, dark.
It has long been brewed beer for people who get together to talk.
We try to offer the transfer option ancient traditions of brewing. First bet that we offer makes unfiltered and unpasteurized beer. This – not the technology of mass production. This delicious beer costly for the company. Besides tasting going to look very brewery. Here – wort, hops are added here, here beer matures.  Funny Lviv beer stories added to this .

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We go out into the street. Fresh air centennial city makes a person free – different from pesky thoughts, emotions – enthusiasm gives hope and fulfillment of dreams. And we seethat smb from past waiting us near the tower. At the gate the man of the last century. “Do toy have prohibited goods ?” – Asks. Oh no! Heard in reply. “A debtor city with you?”. Suddenly fits behind the main publican city. There is a tense conversation about our stay in the city and we go in the sixteenth century.
Step 1 Picture 3. Mr. executioner, or that Peter is sitting in a debt hole?
Stepping over the threshold Glyniany tower of us is in a hurry man in a red dress with a sword. This is city executioner. He was not only municipal Penitentiary Service, but the first collection office of the city, the first pimp, professional performers – even more – his profession as provided for professional cleaning of the city (although once a year). After the torture buck and debt trap again find ourselves on solid pavement Lviv.
Action 2. Picture 1. Underground liquor.
Lviv has long been enjoying drinks had few degrees, brandy, liqueurs, which gave warmth and ripe summer fruit. In an underground restaurant with a clandestine we taste different kinds of liqueurs with different types of sandwiches.
Action 2. Picture 2. The city  Peter bratvanka.
Misko – the Kyiv Michael, plane  in Galician – trout. Bratvanka – a capacity which is baked bread. And navy, banyek, bombony, bambetel. Here we expect stories about dzyhermaystra (repairs only gold watch) and trumpeter City. Here selfie stick Hutsul and honey and freshly baked baguette Infusion and infusion to aromatic herbs.
Action 2. Picture 3. Where sweep took bagel?
When Lviv on the road met sweep, then rubbed his clothing button to happiness. Now chimney sweep do not walk around the city – a flying car with oars. His house is filled with legends of Lviv time, the dragon that spits fire, the cage, the Poltva – and even brandy currant with tasty bagels.
Step 3 without intermission.
Lions in good dancing colored lights. In the group have all got acquainted. Found a common topic of conversation, common interests, and some on arrival appointed meeting each other. Lions brings people together. Experts makes our atmosphere and environment of the medieval city. And when, after the story can be heard words of gratitude – it forces you to open more new page glorious past of the romantic and mysterious little town.
R.S. Maybe try to implement their desires together?
Guided tour 400 UAH. / Person.
This includes: tasting of 5 types of brandy (50 oz.), 4 types of beer (250 oz.) Different types of sandwiches, narrative history, gums included.