Coffee tasting tour in Lviv

Coffee tasting tour in Lviv
from 8 EUR / 3 hours
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Unique City Tour for Coffee Lovers in Lviv, Ukraine (great history, entertainment, workshop, tasting, walking downtown).

Coffee Stories of Lviv😊

In this tour:

  • We propose to enjoy the traditions, energizing aromas and multiple flavors. You will be surprised by the sophistication and symbolism of Lviv coffee shops as the places that hold beautiful legends. They are also interesting as historical places where all the progressive young people were socializing, creating political clubs to pass local secrets to each other and travelers.
  • We track the biography of the first person who taught to drink coffee ☕️ in this part of the world. He was creating delicious memories for his guests in the 17th century and his coffee shop still has been working in Lviv.
  • During the walking tour, you can taste delicious coffee with alcohol and non-alcohol flavors.
  • You will learn how many different types of serving coffee can be in one place.
  • Have you ever tried coffee with flames? Maybe sealed Coffee? What does it mean? We show all the local secrets of the best coffee lifestyle. You will experience the beautiful legends with all your senses;)
  • You will get to know what it means to mine coffee (in comparison with Africa, they mine it in Lviv).
  • We will tell you why one of the American companies was named after a Lviv coffee shop.
  • You will discover the most traditional local secret of making coffee on the sand. Your participation is required!
  • After the tour around the world known Lviv coffee shops, you will become the best storyteller about this mysterious and loved drink, keeping lots of warm and delicious memories for a long time!

Tour cost for 1-5 pax is 50 EUR, for 5-10 pax is 75 EUR

Tour duration is 3 hours

Walking/Tasting City Tour

You are welcomed here!