Christmas in the Transcarpathia

Christmas in the Transcarpathia
205 EUR / 4 days
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December 25, 2018

Are you looking for some ideas where to spend Christmas holidays in Ukraine?  The end of December is a really good time to feel the spirit of local Catholic Christmas and experience folk traditions in the Western Ukraine. We make these Christmas tours, full of history and culture of the region, annually. It is a very popular destination for winter holidays and we invite you to join us.


The program of the tour for 2018 includes:

1 day.  December 24, 2018 (we could discuss another date as well).

9-00 am – departure from Lviv.

12-30 pm – Arpad Line Bunker is a historical military object of the Second World War Length is 1.5 kilometers underground, in the village of Verkhnya Hrabivnitsa of the Transcarpathian region, built to protect the nearest mountains region. Excursion with interesting stories accompanied by the gorgeous snow-covered Carpathians.

2-00 pm – lunch.

4-30 pm – an excursion to Berehove. The walking tour includes: Christmas and New Year lights, the central pedestrian part of the town (places near the restaurant Golden Pava), the copy of the Louvre, the palace of the Comitat Court, a historical building-residence of the local aristocracy, the interior of the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross built in the XIII century, the Reformed church with the operating organ of the firm Riger, Berehove Committee building, the city synagogue, the buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries. A beautiful cozy atmosphere is guaranteed.

7-00 pm – tasting the Carpathian wines in a private basement of Berehove. You will be served Cabernet Savinion, Merlot, church wine, some popular wines such as Red Devil and Rose of Transcarpathia and many more. Light snacks with the smoked cheese will be offered as well. Local wines can be purchased at the end of the tasting.

9-00 pm – dinner in a hotel

day. December 25, 2018.

8-00 am – a Hungarian breakfast.

10-00 am – a walking excursion in Uzhhorod includes: walking alone the Uzh river bank and festive New Year atmosphere, Uzhgorod castle of the Drugets, a famous lamplighter named Uncle Kolya, an exposition of the Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore, the time capsule, the Mustard seeds, the Cathedral, Uzhgorod Globe, the longest in Europe linden trees alley, with the hidden treasure under the 7th linden, Korzo street, the pedestrian bridge, the unique city synagogue (nothing similar in the whole Europe), the mini-monuments of Michael Kolodka. Also, you will try the delicious Transcarpathian cuisine.

3-00 pm – the thermal pools of the Golden Mountain complex includes a large outdoor thermal pool (t ° + 29 °), a small outdoor thermal pool (t + 39 °), an outdoor children’s pool and a large indoor thermal pool (t ° + 26 °), a jacuzzi (t ° + 34 °). There are also a locker room, a shower room, a lobby bar, a pizza place and 4 saunas.

By chemical composition and temperature, the well water is similar to the hot silicon hydro carbonate sodium of medium mineralization water.

6-00 pm – Theatrical performance excursion to Mukachevo castle Palanok and Night Varoush. A magnificent castle at the Carpathian volcano, hidden from the eyes of strangers by the impenetrable walls. It retains numerous legends of military victories, struggles for power and life, and of course, love… Accompanied by the commandant of the castle, bypassing all the traps and figuring out the stone labyrinths you will get into the darkness of the mountains and discover all the secrets of Palanka! Fascinating stories, surprises, and mini tastings are included.

9-00 – dinner, hotel.


3 day. December 26, 2018.

8-30 am – breakfast.

11-00 am – Lumshorsky hot tubs are the open water reservoirs at the foot of the Runa valley, near the Davir Falls between beech and spruce forests, where the healing hydrogen water is enriched by a high content of minerals and for the contrast the cold Turichka river. No need to talk much about it, it should be experienced personally. Temperature difference is health improving. Such a mountain SPA immediately returns you to life, taking your thoughts away from troubles. It improves blood circulation, helps the vessels and musculoskeletal system. One hour – and you become a different person!

1-00 pm – lunch. Tasting of Transcarpathian food. 15 dishes and local drinks.

5-00 pm – return to a hotel. Free time.

7-00 pm – the Holy Evening in the Hungarian Traditions. This is a true culmination of the tour Christmas in the Carpathians Mountains! You will immerse in the atmosphere of winter holidays, visiting Hungarians who live here. You will see and hear the carolers and participate in the singing, learn how to dance Hungarian folk dances and experience local traditions of Christmas celebration. The taste of Christmas completes the traditional Hungarian food.


4 day. December 27, 2018.

8-00 am – breakfast.

10-30 am – an overview of the Hunting Palace of the Schonborn Counts. The castle itself is built in neo-romantic style. An interesting fact about the palace. It has 365 windows (number of days in a year), 52 chimneys (52 weeks in a year), 12 entrances (number of months in a year). The castle is decorated with rich decor and clock tower. There is a lake looking like a map of Austria-Hungary on the territory of the palace. A beautiful landscape park.

3-30 pm – return to Lviv.

Cost 205 EUR per person

Сost of the tour includes – a guide and transport along the route. Accommodation – manor houses in Hungarian style (2-, 3-bed rooms). 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners. Holy evening with carols and study of Hungarian culture.

Cost does not includeTasting wine (9 kinds) with traditional snacks. Cost – 80 UAH/per person. Excursion without wine tasting is 40 UAH.

Thermal pools of the Golden Mountain complex – 250 UAH/2 hours/4 pools/4 saunas. Children from the height of 110 cm to 150 cm – 125 UAH, children up to 110 cm – free of charge.

Uzhhorod castle. Adult ticket – 45 UAH, student – 35 UAH, child – 20 UAH.

Arpad Line Bunker. Adult – 60 UAH, student – 40 UAH, high school student – 30 UAH.

Bathing tubs (chany) in Lumshory village – 180 UAH/per person.

Tasting – Taste of Transcarpathia – 150 UAH/per person.

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