Want coffee? Go to Lviv!

Кофе Львов

As Lviv guides we know what questions will ask our tourists. Where to buy and drink coffee – one of the most popular. This is understandable, because Lviv is the coffee capital of Ukraine! If you know of this fact, but do not know why – look forward to seeing you at our tour Lviv “Chocolate and Coffee Lviv.”

So, for anyone who wants to enjoy Lviv coffee we propose our Top 5 coffee-shop from our Lviv guide Victoria Permyakova:

“Bambetli” Market Square, 29 (Passage Andreoli). Local people come here to drink coffee. Only this phrase says a lot. Here is an extraordinary atmosphere here want to come up with good friends. I was not one case where tourists like to buy menu :). Fatigue fact that the menu a lot of different coffee recipes. My favorite coffee here is “kufayka”, but I am sure that everyone will find his own. It is cost from 23 UAH for the cup. The highlight of this place is the fact that you can prepare a coffee yourself . If you do not know how experienced barista will tell you. Master class is free 😉

“Virmenka”, Armenian Street, 19/ It is place where are hanging out Lviv bohemians in the late twentieth century. And now  it is a favorite place of Lviv historians, artists and musicians. You should  order coffee  at the bar. But better to traditional oriental coffee also order liquor brand “Armenian”. The cost of coffee from 20 UAH.

Galician restaurant” str. Curve Lime 3A. This is not a coffee shop. This  is restaurant Ukrainian and Polish dishes. However, the owner of this place 15 years lived in Italy and had known an old Italian recipe for its signature coffee. So now you can try simple espresso or 20 UAH , or coffee from a professional for 50 UAH . Believe, it is the most delicious coffee in Lviv.

Lviv Coffee Mine “, Market Square, 10. You can not come to the city and not try to “sealed coffee!” This will tell you everyone!  This is coffee attraction. The one case where you consume the eyes first, and only then come to the cause taste buds. The cost of coffee attraction 52 UAH .

Strudel House” street Shevska 6. Perfect place to have a  breakfast. Vienna coffee house in the heart of the city. There is always playing classical music, knitted cloth and Viennese coffee! Also you should tate a strudel here, thre are 16 species of it: meat, fish, vegetables, sweet,  nut. When visiting here for breakfast from 8-00 to 12-00 then the meal with a drink will cost 59 UAH.

Well, a few tips where to buy coffee to  home, because if you come back without it, you simply nobody understands!

Golden Ducat” street Ivan Fedorov, 20.It will blend coffee beans for you, given your tastes. And while she is cooking you can taste the most delicious hot chocolate in Lviv.

Again, “Lviv coffee Mine” coffee is emotional drink: “For Lovers,” “When the rain falls,” “Morning coffee”, “coffee Lunch”, “Evening Coffee”, “For kolyezhanky”, “Bandera coffee.”

Galka” Paul Kovzhun street, 4. Thi is Store of Lviv coffee factory. It is incredibly flavorful coffee.